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The Embeddable Landing Page Builder for SaaS

Empower your customers to build professional landing pages that drive engagement.

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White Label

White Label

Boost your brand’s visibility by removing the BEE logo in the landing page template builder.

Fully Integrated

Fully Integrated

Get full control over the look and feel of your landing page builder integration and enhance your brand's value with custom CSS.

Customers Branding

Easy Customer Branding 

It’s easy for customers to implement brand style and governance with features such as content defaults and custom social blocks.

Email to Page in no time

Get the Wow Effect with the
Drag-and-Drop Landing Page Builder

Get the Wow Effect with the Drag-and-Drop Landing Page Builder

The best no-code, drag-and-drop landing page builder, included in your BEE Plugin Plan.

Mobile responsive. Sleek. Intuitive. Forms allow an easy lead capture and generation. Fast, complete digital campaign design under one roof.

Optimized Performance & Load Speed

BEE Plugin combines great performance and fast load speed for an optimal SEO experience for all your end users.  

Our builder includes unique features like designing in mobile-first mode, too.

Optimized performance & loading speed
Exciting capabilities

Best-in-class Landing Page Capabilities  

Jump-start your page builder with:

One-page websites with internal navigation

Embeddable custom code and external scripts 

Icon design to pinpoint concepts (just like this one)

Collaborative Platform For Content Creation

Are your users scattered all over the world? No problem. BEE Plugin supports real-time and async collaboration, making it the best landing page template builder for the demands of the modern workplace.

Exciting capabilities

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Everything You Need to Bring Landing Page Creation into Your App

Supported features include (but definitely aren’t limited to):


Users can control the setup of their form fields with the form content block and blend forms perfectly with any landing page with the BEE design flexibility. Great for capturing leads!

Custom & Saved Rows

Preload ready-to-go, personalized content or let users save content in BEE to use again later. Streamline landing page creation with headers, promotions, product descriptions, feature lists, social proof, and more.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile-first customers need mobile-first landing pages: design mobile responsive pages in just a few clicks.

Professional One-Page Sites

Users can embed forms, videos, and HTML  to create engaging, professional landing pages with our easy-to-use, intuitive builder.

Customization & Integration

An editor that’s seamlessly integrated into your app, from the look & feel to fine-grained permissions. You can also build your own content tiles for your specific needs.

SEO Optimized

For improved search engine results, users can set title tags, meta description tags, language attributes, and headings.

Your All-in-One Embeddable Solution

Discover the two extra builders included in your all-in-one plan.

Email Builder

A unique combination of design flexibility, ease of use, and thousands of buyable templates to get your users started in no time.

Popup​ Builder

Your end users can design attention-grabbing popups to maximize their results with list building, product recommendations, or last-minute offers.

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