BEE Plugin: The Embeddable Visual Builder for Your Enterprise.

The no-code, drag-and-drop embeddable email, landing page & popup builder for large businesses.

Reduce churn and lower the total cost of ownership while providing your users with a top-notch user experience

Reduce churn and cut costs

Reduce Churn and Cut Costs

Are you sick of WYSIWYG editors that are cumbersome, unsightly, or difficult to use, all of which cause your users to churn?

Our visual builders are the best in their class due to the innate simplicity of their use, the seamless integration, and the consistent user experience they provide. All the while reducing the cost of maintenance.

No user onboarding is required.  

Highly Scalable Tool, Built to Manage High Traffic

Large companies generate high-volume traffic thanks to their broad audience without the need to break their accounts. Our infrastructure can handle an elevated amount of traffic and unlimited users, just as you need.

BEE Plugin helps you achieve this goal. It relies on performance, scalability, and fault tolerance while maintaining cost efficiency, and it was developed specifically to manage enormous volumes of traffic.

Highly scalable tool, built to manage high traffic
Seamless integration with existing enterprise systems

Seamless Integration With Existing Enterprise Systems

With BEE Plugin, you can create a proof of concept in no time.  Our documentation and knowledge-based articles will help you with implementation for smooth integration with your current infrastructure.

Enterprise customers can personalize BEE Plugin with options like themes and custom CSS to make it their own and fit it perfectly into their platform.

Experience True Peace of Mind

Integrating third-party software doesn’t have to be a liability for your business operations.

As an Enterprise customer, you are given unique early access to new features via your Release Candidate instance, and adopt new feature releases late to minimize risk associated with new code deployment. 

Want to learn more about the Enterprise Plan? Our team is here to assist you.

Exclusive benefits for BEE Plugin Enterprise Customers

Enhanced Security & Data Protection

BEE cares about customers' and end-users online security and data protection.

We do routine backups, test recovery, encrypt sensitive data, conduct code analysis and scanning, crowdsource vulnerability detection, and implement a wide variety of other security measures. When it comes to the need for security, we are available to answer any and all queries you may have. 

Advanced Customization

Because we understand how important it is to elevate your brand while offering your large audience the greatest possible user experience, BEE Plugin offers excellent flexibility regarding customization options.

The BEE Plugin gives you the ability to fine-tune the experience for your target audience and brand at a granular level. This includes anything from user roles and permissions to branding to boosting your offering to generate upgrades and more.

Enterprise Support

Our Enterprise Support is available to large businesses that operate mission-critical workloads and require platform reliability as well as greater operational efficiency.

Enterprise customers get access to a dedicated, private Slack channel handled by our Customer Experience Support team and a dedicated Customer Success Manager, both of which help to make the integration process run smoothly.

Get Insights for a Boosted Performance

As Enterprise customers, you are entitled to inject external JavaScript libraries, like FullStory, Amplitude, Heap, etc., to gain valuable insights about your end-users.

Expanded Real-Time Collaboration

Enterprise customers can benefit from up to twenty users collaborating during real-time editing sessions on all our builders—ideal for large remote teams.

End-User Centered Solutions

BEE Plugin is constantly being improved to reduce user friction and increase user adoption to ensure the absolute best possible user experience. Because if your users are satisfied, you'll be too.

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