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BEE Plugin Provides High Performance at Scale

Reliable Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services hosts the BEE Plugin infrastructure through instances across several availability zones. Tens of thousands of people across hundreds of applications utilize our visual builders monthly, generating millions of sessions.

In Q1 2022, BEE received ISO 27001 certification.

Performance Monitoring​

Using the latest deployment methods, we provide zero-downtime software upgrades. When scheduled maintenance results in downtime, every effort is made to keep the impact to a minimum and provide ample warning. Teams in the US and Europe work 24/7 to monitor the availability and health of the services.

Up-To-Date Integration​

Because the BEE Plugin was developed to reduce the total amount of code required for the integration, it enables us to do routine updates to the editor without any action on your end. Previously stored documents are updated automatically at loading time to ensure compatibility with older versions, even when significant changes are made to the document structure.

Already Utilized by Hundreds of Industry-Leading Applications, Such As:

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Top-Notch Support

Top-Notch Support

BEE Plugin offers a trustworthy service with top-level support; however, not all businesses have the same needs. 

Large companies operating mission-critical workloads can utilize our Enterprise Support bundled with the Enterprise Plan.

Growens' other business units, including MailUp, ContactLab, AcumbaMail, and Datatrics, support tens of thousands of customers worldwid

More Than A Startup

BEE is a business unit of Growens, a public company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (GROW.MI). Growens' other business units, including MailUp, ContactLab, AcumbaMail, and Datatrics, support tens of thousands of customers worldwide and are all significant users of the BEE Plugin. This provides robust insurance for any other application that uses our visual builders.

💖 Your customers will love it - and your developers will, too.

More than just an embeddable visual builder, BEE Plugin offers a streamlined drag-and-drop interface to its end users. Find the package that caters to your needs and those of your users.

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