The embeddable content creation toolkit for SaaS

White-label, no-code builders for emails, landing pages, and pop-ups. Components, APIs, and support services ensure seamless integration of the content creation workflow into any application.

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The embeddable content creation toolkit for SaaS

Embedded and trusted
by 600+ SaaS brands

Trustworthy service with top-notch support

Service stability and 99.5% uptime guaranteed
(99.967% actual uptime in 2022)

Reliable servers hosted on AWS

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"Beefree SDK offers the fast delivery of a full-fledged email editor, more design flexibility for customers, and no need to deal with email html or email client testing."

Senior Product Manager

SaaS Company

"Beefree SDK allowed us to have an advanced email and content page editor in our application without investing development time into it. It has saved us months worth of development and maintenance over the time of our usage."

Co-Founder /
Software Architect

SaaS Company

"Beefree SDK offers an email editor that we didn't have to maintain and responsive designs for mobile and other devices. Thus, removing thousands of lines of code that we were having to maintain."

Head of Engineering

SaaS Company

Boost user engagement, reduce churn, and strengthen security.

Customized white-label solutions for SaaS enterprises of all sizes, ensuring top-notch user experiences and addressing the demands of product managers and developers.

Reduce churn
of Beefree SDK customers achieve ROI in less than six months

Reduce churn and cut costs

Easy deployment and full customization

Seamless integration in less than 30 days

Low maintenance costs

Little development is necessary

ISO 27001 BadgeAWS Qualified Software badge

Peace of mind: stable, secure & safe

Service stability and 99.5% uptime guaranteed
(99.967% actual uptime in 2022)

Adopted by 600+ SaaS applications

Reliable technology that scales automatically

Save development time
6.83 months
Development time saved on average by Beefree SDK visual builders customers

Easy to embed, easy to maintain

Go from proof-of-concept to production in days, not months

Swift deployment and seamless integration

Robust UI customization to perfectly align with your current
platform and brand

Cost-effective maintenance

89% of customers recommend Beefree SDK
of customers would recommend Beefree SDK to a friend or a colleague

Give your users a seamless experience

No-code, drag and drop, visual builders

Clean, intuitive, easy UX

Broad email compatibility, including Outlook

Complete mobile responsiveness

Built-in AI text Assistant

3 builders, 1 User Experience.

Switching between our white-label builders is a breeze for your end-users, with no need to learn anything new.

All subscriptions include all three builders at no additional cost.
Beefree email builder

Email Builder

Empower users with design flexibility, a friendly interface, and an array of purchasable templates. Get them designing in no time!
Discover Email Builder
Beefree landing page builder

Landing Page Builder

Enable customers to effortlessly create stunning, mobile-responsive landing pages. Embed videos, generate marketing campaigns, and more in minutes.
Discover Page Builder
Beefree popup builder

Popup Builder

Equip your users with the ability to create attention-grabbing popups, boosting their results in list building, product recommendations, and last-minute offers.
Discover Popup Builder

Beefree SDK benefits: Gain a competitive advantage by improving your end-user experience

No-code, drag-and-drop builder

No-code, drag-and-drop content builders

for your customers to create stunning, responsive content without coding.
AI dialog in the Beefree email editor

Intuitive UX with an AI text Assistant

and consistent experience across the three visual builders.
Desktop and mobile version of the same email

Effortlessly achieve mobile responsiveness

by designing directly in mobile view, saving you time.
Several email templates

Access a wide range of ready-made templates

including migration assistance for WYSIWYG HTML templates (purchase required).
Game-changing collaboration

Experience game-changing collaboration

with comments enabled on specific content elements, transcending time zones and geographies.
Broad email compatibility

Ensure broad email compatibility

as emails designed on Beefree SDK work seamlessly with major email clients, including Outlook.

Other components and services for your content creation workflow

A versatile File Management solution

Our user-friendly File Manager solution empowers your users to efficiently manage media assets, collaborate seamlessly, and eliminate file fragmentation. Simplify file management and optimize productivity with ease.
Beefree file manager
Manage media assets
  • Keep files organized and accessible in one place.
  • Upload images and handle large media assets effortlessly.
Simple and user-friendly
  • Streamline file management
    with a straightforward solution.
  • Make it easier than ever to handle all your files.
Streamlined collaboration
  • Stay organized and on track with projects.
  • Share documents and ideas quickly and effortlessly, whether working remotely or in person.
Eliminate file fragmentation
  • Enhance workflow efficiency
    for a smoother experience.
  • Our solution "just works," eliminating the hassle of file management.

Content Services API:
Enhance your users' experience

The Content Services API enhances the value provided to users by facilitating customized workflows, efficient content management, seamless updates, and the generation of various output formats.
Beefree SDK API
Manage media assets
The API enables developers to create tailored user experiences and seamlessly integrate it into applications, regardless of the onSave callback in the editor.
Efficient content management
The API streamlines content management by merging shared content, such as saved rows & synced rows, into multiple emails and pages, ensuring consistency and reducing manual efforts.
Enhanced user
The API eliminates the need for explicit "Save" buttons, implementing automatic saving and retrieving of HTML content, resulting in a smoother user experience.
Time and effort
The API automates common tasks like updating headers, footers, and more across multiple messages, popups, or pages, saving time and effort for developers and users.
Accelerate your business growth

Accelerate your business growth

Segment your customers and create tiered plans for your end users.

Leverage Beefree SDK components and services to differentiate your offering and generate upgrades.

Enable, configure, and test new features in a staging environment to align with your product roadmap.

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From startup to enterprise:
The right solution at any stage of your growth

Constantly updated
Continual investment means you get the best features and most advanced tech, so you can stay competitive.
Full control of your application
You can decide when to go live with most new features, enabling you to work at a pace based on your product roadmap - not ours.
Actionable Insights
Get insights into your users by combining custom JavaScript with third-party tools to improve your app adoption (available on selected plans).
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Try Beefree, the design suite for stunning, high-performing emails!
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Embrace the love: product managers,
developers and end-users approved

Beefree SDK is more than a white-label email, page and popup builder with a seamless drag-and-drop user experience. It's a reliable and highly customizable content creation platform that saves you time, reduces costs, evolves alongside your product, and sets you apart from the competition.

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