BEE Plugin: seamless, secure & scalable

Your white label solution for email, popup, and lading page builders

Expand your SaaS business by improving your end-user experience while reducing churn and costs.

BEE Plugin: seamless, secure & scalable

Your embeddable email, popup, and landing page builders

Expand your SaaS business by improving your end-user experience while reducing churn and costs.

Key Benefits of BEE Plugin

Reduce churn and
cut costs

Easy deployment and full customization

Seamless integration in less than 30 days

Low maintenance costs

Little development necessary (some features can be turned on with no development at all)

Give your users
a seamless experience

No-code, drag and drop, visual builder

Clean, intuitive, easy UX

Broad email compatibility, including Outlook

Complete mobile responsiveness

Built-in collaboration and AI email assistant

Peace of mind:
stable, secure & safe

Service stability and 99.5% uptime guaranteed 

Adopted by 1,000+ SaaS applications

ISO 27001 certified

AWS Partner Network 

Fully scalable


of BEE Plugin customers achieve ROI in less than six month

6.83 months

The development time saved on average by BEE Plugin customers


of BEE Plugin customers would recommend it to a friend or colleague

*Survey conducted by UserEvidence

Focus on your core business while BEE takes care of content creation.

The BEE Plugin visual drag-and-drop builder saves you time, while reducing costs:

  • Go from proof-of-concept to production in days, not months
  • Fast deployment and easy integration
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reliable technology that scales automatically 
  • Fully customizable and seamlessly embeddable

Boosting your business growth

  • Segment your customers and create tiered plans for your end users 
  • Use the BEE Plugin features to differentiate your offering and generate upgrades
  • Enable, configure, and test new features straight from staging to suit your product roadmap

Gain a competitive advantage by improving your end user experience

No-code, drag-and-drop builders

Your customers can craft beautiful, engaging, and responsive content. Zero code required.

Intuitive UX with
AI email assistant

Provide the same consistent UX across the three visual builders, plus state of the art AI writing tools.

Mobile responsiveness made easy

Create content that is always responsive, and save time by designing it directly in mobile view.

Access to ready-made templates

Choose from a comprehensive catalog of templates—we’ll also help migrate your WYSIWYG HTML templates (purchase required).

Game-changing collaboration

Easy collaboration across time zones and geographies, with comments enabled on specific content elements in the visual builders.

Broad email compatibility

Emails designed on BEE Plugin are compatible with the most common email clients, including Outlook.

Work with a partner trusted by thousands of SaaS businesses

  • Trustworthy service with top-notch support 
  • Service stability and 99.5% uptime guaranteed (99.967% actual uptime in 2022)
  • Reliable servers hosted on AWS 

Already adopted by hundreds
of cutting-edge application, including

Why Our Customers Chose Us

"BEE Plugin offers the fast delivery of a full-fledged email editor, more design flexibility for customers, and no need to deal with email html or email client testing."

Senior Product Manager
SaaS Company

"BEE Plugin offers an email editor that we didn't have to maintain and responsive designs for mobile and other devices. Thus, removing thousands of lines of code that we were having to maintain."

Head of Engineering
SaaS Company

"BEE Plugin allowed us to have an advanced email and content page editor in our application without investing development time into it. It has saved us months worth of development and maintenance over the time of our usage."

Co-Founder / Software Architext
SaaS Company

The right solution at any stage of your growth

Constantly updated

Continual investment means you get the best features and most advanced tech, so you can stay competitive.

Full control of your application

You can decide when to go live with most new features, enabling you to work at a pace based on your product roadmap - not ours.

Actionable insights

Get insights into your users by combining custom JavaScript with third-party tools to improve your app adoption (available on selected plans).

Intrigued by our solutions? Geek out with our comprehensive

Three visual builders, one seamless UX

All three white label builders share the same UX, enabling seamless switching without a learning curve. Content created in one can be easily converted to the others, and all subscriptions include access to all three builders at no extra cost.

Email Builder

A unique combination of design flexibility, ease of use, and thousands of buyable templates to choose from to get your users started in no time.

Landing Page Builder

Your customers can create beautiful, mobile-responsive landing pages with forms, embedded videos, and more in just a few minutes.

Popup Builder

Your end users can design attention-grabbing popups to maximize their results with list building, product recommendations, or last-minute offers.

💖 Your customers will love it - and your developers will, too.

BEE Plugin is more than a white label visual builder with a seamless drag-and-drop user experience. It’s a reliable, highly customizable content creation platform that will save you time and money, evolve with your product, and help you differentiate your offering.

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