Content Services API:
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CSAPI is a game-changing set of services that enhance the creation, updating, and transformation of designs from your emails, pages, and popups.

Content Services API
Drag-and-drop landing page builder

Retrieve HTML: customizing user experience flow

Access the HTML of your emails, pages, or popups created using CSAPI. This feature allows you to create a personalized user experience flow for saving messages, ensuring a seamless and customized experience for your users.

Landing page performance and load speed

Update content: seamless modification without user interaction

Effortlessly modify the HTML of your emails, pages, or popups without requiring any user interaction. This saves time and ensures reliability, particularly when you need to resolve rendering issues in email templates or update your content on the go.

Landing page content properties

Generate thumbnails and PDFs: captivating visuals for sharing and printing

Create thumbnails from your HTML designs, providing an attractive preview for your users. Additionally, CSAPI enables you to effortlessly generate PDF files from your emails, pages, or popups, facilitating easy sharing and printing. Customize page orientations and sizes to suit your specific requirements.

Landing page builder with collaborationn

Automate repetitive tasks: streamlining workflows with ease 

Easily merge shared content, like synced rows, into multiple emails, pages, and pop-ups. The CSAPI simplifies the tedious task of bulk content updates, eliminating manual errors, saving time, and streamlining your workflow. By updating existing messages in the background, users can focus on creating remarkable content instead of repetitive tasks.

Retrieve HTMLUpdate contentGenerate thumbnails and PDFsAutomate repetitive tasks
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