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The embeddable Email Builder by Beefree.

Loved by you for providing the best-in-class, most flexible visual builder to easily embed on your platform. Loved by your users for empowering them to create high-quality emails that convert.

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White label
Boost your brand’s visibility by removing the Beefree SDK logo in the email template builder.
Fully integrated
Get full control over the look and feel of your email builder integration and enhance your brand's value with custom CSS.
Easy customer branding 
It’s easy for customers to implement brand style and governance with features such as content defaults and custom social blocks.
Email with asset manager

Your next drag-and-drop 
email builder

The best no-code, drag-and-drop email builder, included in your Beefree SDK Plan. Mobile responsive. Sleek. No rendering surprises. Broad email compatibility, Outlook included.

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Future-proof your emails

Get 56% lighter emails, faster load-speed, and less clipping as Beefree SDK supports HTML 3.0 for emails - and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, too.

Drag-and-drop popup builder

Collaborative platform for content creation

Are your users scattered all over the world? No problem. Beefree SDK supports real-time and async collaboration, making it the best email template builder for the demands of the modern workplace.

Email with asset manager
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The most complete and flexible Email Builder for your app

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Optimized HTML output

Optimized to work across most email clients (including Outlook), OS, and multiple browsers. Our builder takes care of it all!
Email with font options

Best-in-class customization

Customize your emails with fonts, stock images, videos, and more.
File manager with images

Asset management

The builder gives you choices: use our default storage cloud, use your own AWS S3 bucket, or link your own file storage.
Desktop and mobile versions of email

Mobile responsiveness

Design mobile responsive emails in just a few clicks.The builder optimizes the HTML output to the device used, thanks to Mobile Design Mode.
Email sections

Save it for later

Save content rows for later use, so your users don’t have to start from scratch each time.
Email personalization tokens

Personalized content ready

Syntax support for personalized content with merge tags, special links, and display conditions.
Dark mode toggle

Dark mode preview

With dark mode enabled, users can simulate how emails will render on devices in just one click.
Carousel within email

Amped up for email

Create beautiful email carousels or image slideshows with AMP for email.

Partner AddOns

Countdown Timers
GIFs and Stickers
Autoplay Videos
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Sales Discounts and Promotions
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Landing Page Builder
Landing Page Builder
Enable customers to craft stunning, mobile-responsive landing pages effortlessly. Embed videos, generate marketing campaigns and more in minutes.
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Popup Builder
Popup Builder
Equip your users with the ability to create attention-grabbing popups, boosting their results in list building, product recommendations, and last-minute offers.

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