Dazoot's technological advancement using Beefree SDK.

Learn how Dazoot, an e-commerce and email marketing tool, uses our white-label email builder to provide seamless content creation processes for its users.

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Discovery and adoption

Challenges with Dazoot’s in-house builder spurred the search for external solutions. Cristi Godri, a Senior Developer at Dazoot, was instrumental in this transition. His commitment to refining the development workflow led to the discovery of Beefree SDK, marking a new era in their product enhancement.

Moving beyond emails

The collaboration between Dazoot and Beefree SDK extended beyond email solutions. The inclusion of popup and landing page builders, along with other custom addons, broadened Dazoot’s content creation capabilities, demonstrating Beefree SDK’s versatility in meeting diverse needs.

A powerful white-label solution to free developers      

Adopting Beefree SDK’s white-label solution was a turning point for Dazoot’s development team. It offered a customizable user experience, allowing Dazoot to offer this toolkit under their own branding. This integration freed the team to concentrate on core innovations, reflected in the positive feedback from their customers about the modern editor’s ease of use.

"It relieves stress because we no longer need to use our old in-house editor... [Beefree SDK] allowed us to have more time for other things that are more important." - Cristi Godri, Senior Developer, Dazoot

Key Takeaways   

Dazoot’s experience with Beefree SDK highlighted the importance of adaptability in technology integration. Their approach evolved as they seamlessly incorporated the toolkit into their existing processes, offering valuable lessons for similar organizations.

Efficient implementation and sustained growth: Dazoot's ROI    

Implementing Beefree SDK’s email builder was completed swiftly, in just a month or two. Over the years, Dazoot continued integrating additional features like custom add-ons, enhancing their product in response to emerging needs. The return on investment was evident not only in efficiency gains but also in the continuous development and evolution of features aligned with Dazoot's growth.

Driving efficiency and innovation 

Dazoot's collaboration with Beefree SDK has evolved their content creation methods, reflecting the potential of tech innovation in Romania. Their journey, marked by the positive impact and continuous growth, emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between Dazoot and Beefree SDK—pioneering efficiency and innovation hand in hand.

"[Beefree SDK] allows for more possibilities. There are a lot of content tiles that are add-ons. There are possibilities to undo, to comment. So the editing process, in itself, is better, providing a more dynamic and user-friendly experience” - Cristi Godri, Senior Developer, Dazoot

Beefree SDK: The embeddable content creation toolkit for SaaS

Are you ready to redefine your content creation experience? Beefree SDK offers more than an email editor; it's a versatile toolkit that adapts to your changing needs. Our white-label email, landing page, popup builders, custom addons, and seamless integrations offer a developer's dream. From reducing churn to swift deployment, enjoy a toolkit adopted by 600+ SaaS applications. Experience the ease of embedding, the power of customization, and the assurance of stability with 99.5% uptime. Embrace the ease of embedding, customization options, and reliable performance with Beefree SDK.

Voices from the team

"We first started using [Beefree SDK] about 2018... It allowed us to focus on some other things that are very important to us."
Cristi Godri

Cristi Godri

Senior Developer, Dazoot

"[Beefree SDK], technically as well as with the support, has been really a good fit for us. It has allowed us to develop a better product and devote more time to what is maybe important to our product."
Cristi Godri

Cristi Godri

Senior Developer, Dazoot

"The latest feature we're utilizing is custom addons. We created a feature for inserting products."
Cristi Godri

Cristi Godri

Senior Developer, Dazoot

"Our initial goal was a modern builder without the hassle of constant updates."
Cristi Godri

Cristi Godri

Senior Developer, Dazoot

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