Choosing Beefree SDK for reliable, embeddable email solutions.

Learn how Leadfox leverages Beefree SDK's embeddable email builder and template catalog to offer users new features and solutions without any lift.

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Leadfox is a global marketing automation platform serving SMBs and agencies in 100+ countries. They offer design functionality for emails, landing pages, and pre-made templates. Their goal is to convert website visitors into customers with user-friendly tools and comprehensive training. Driven by creativity and commitment to customer satisfaction, they aim to be the top choice in digital marketing for SMBs and agencies.

"Beefree SDK is great - we spend less time managing the email builder and can release features for it without doing anything.”
- Gabriel Côté , Director of IT


Five years ago, Leadfox set out to build one tool that could perform all jobs ranging from content design for digital marketing all the way through automation for acquisition and conversion. They understood that marketing agencies and SMBs had smaller teams and tighter budgets and that using one vendor for all of these related functions would be more efficient, manageable and affordable. At the time, Leadfox began working on developing an email editing tool that would sync with the rest of their automation portfolio. They had one developer working on building the tool, and that presented challenges in several areas, including speed to market and scale.

Gabriel Côté, Director of IT at Leadfox recalls that feature development was slow and costly, and bug fixes took time to address. However, with patience and dedication, the team was able to release v1 of the email editor. They had a successful first launch of this tool, but - over time - they learned that it was becoming more and more challenging to scale as more users came online, and that the learning curve to use the tool was high. Given that they had a small team, they could not invest a lot of time and dollars in training customers effectively. So they went back into their “think tank” and decided to pivot.


After reconsidering the build vs. buy equation, they decided to move forward with finding an out-of-the-box, embeddable tool that also had a catalog of ready-to-use templates. A simple Google search brought them to Beefree, where they were able to trial Beefree SDK’s, the embeddable email builder for SaaS. It was important to Leadfox to stay within the theme of minimizing the number of 3rd party vendors to work with - same philosophy they wish for their customers.

“Beefree SDK not only offered us an easy to embed tool, it also had a complete catalog of beautifully designed templates that would allow our customers to use it right away.”
- Gabriel Côté, Director of IT.


“We have several different 3rd party vendors and you need to have trust across these partnerships. Beefree not only provides great service - we have not experienced any big downtime or glitches that affected our deliverability. They are great at listening to the customer and they are the most reliable, trusting partner for us.”
– Gabriel Côté, Director of IT.



Beefree integration was completed in less than one month, and minimal training was required to convert customers from their v1 builder to Beefree.

Customer Satisfaction

Issues such as email rendering, multi-browser and multi-email service provider were all mitigated.

Product Development

With an email builder now functioning as desired, their development team was able to redirect energy to focus on their own automation IP.

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