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Addressing SaaS challenges through content innovation

Emily Santos
Emily Santos
December 28, 2023
5 min read
Addressing SaaS challenges through content innovation
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In the last few years, the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry has proven itself not just as a thriving industry but as a powerhouse driving digital transformation across businesses. In 2023, the SaaS space commands a formidable value, exceeding $195 billion. And this is only the beginning. 

Grand View Research projects that by 2030, the global SaaS market value will skyrocket to a staggering $819.23 billion. If nothing else, this forecast showcases the substantial growth and widespread integration of cloud-based solutions within the business landscape.

Analyzing the 2023 SaaS challenges

While the anticipated growth of the SaaS market holds the promise of increased opportunities, innovation, and technological advancements, it also presents a few potential challenges.

In fact, in 2023 we experienced some notable shifts in the market landscape that we haven’t seen in a few years. For instance, while the total end-user spending on SaaS applications exceeded $172 billion in 2022, the growth rate has dwindled due to a change in priorities. 

According to BetterCloud, this year, 40% of organizations “consolidated redundant/duplicate SaaS apps.”

Additionally, Vendr states that the average time to close a software sale has increased from 53.1 days in 2022 to 55.9 days.

From this data, we can predict that organizations are becoming more mindful of their SaaS budget and are studying software pre-purchase to evaluate how it can efficiently address their unique needs. For SaaS, this shift means proactively finding solutions to help you adapt your application to meet the specific growing requirements of your users, which may range from enhanced usability and performance to tailored functionalities. 

In this evolving landscape, white label software emerges as a strategic solution for SaaS brands aiming to align with the shifting priorities of organizations.

White label software vs. in-house development 

When it comes to the development of software, we’re faced with the classic “build vs. buy” dilemma, which forces organizations to decide between developing their own custom software solution or white label an existing one from a third party.

Although both options carry distinct advantages, when prioritizing factors like faster implementation, swift time-to-market, and cost-effectiveness, opting for a white-label software solution proves to be the superior choice. 


In a competitive environment where the speed of change is astronomical, the ability for SaaS to leverage external expertise and support in order to build, adapt, and maintain your solutions to your user's evolving needs is invaluable and fosters a competitive edge in the dynamic marketplace. 

How Beefree SDK became the go-to white label software for SaaS

Beefree SDK is an embeddable content creation toolkit trusted by 600+ brands seeking to elevate their competitive edge and enhance their end-user experience. By offering a range of services, from no-code HTML email, landing page, and pop-up builders for effortless content creation, as well as unbound customization and personalization controls, we’ve made it easy for SaaS organizations to concentrate on their core strengths. 

Beefree SDK is well-known and loved for its swift deployment, seamless integration, robust UI capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and 99.96% uptime guarantee. But why it has grown to become the preferred embeddable, white label software solution for many is because of the consistent value it brings to SaaS applications and their end users. 


Our commitment to delivering value stems from our continuous awareness and adaptation to dynamic market changes. Despite the rapid pace of transformation in the SaaS landscape, our approach to enhancing products involves addressing the core challenges that SaaS applications aim to resolve. Then, we iterate, improve, and introduce additions, ensuring thoughtful and practical solutions. 

This process is why 600+ SaaS organization trust Beefree SDK to develop solutions that not only meet but surpass the changing expectations of their customers in our hands.

Our priority: Staying ahead of the curve

In 2023, we confronted the ever-evolving landscape of the digital sphere with a myriad of features designed to enhance our builders and SDK components. Our goal was to make it easier for our clients to navigate market hurdles, enrich their user experience, and increase their revenue.

Acknowledging the need to stay ahead of the curve, Beefree SDK strategically turned SaaS challenges into innovative solutions and focused on addressing three main gaps and challenges in SaaS applications:

  • Loss of productivity due to complex interfaces 
  • Lack of flexibility on account of insufficient customization options  
  • Inadequate solutions for accessibility 

1. Making users’ lives easier by removing friction and increasing usability 

Facilitating user experiences by eliminating friction and enhancing usability is paramount for SaaS applications. By making users' lives easier, you are not only amplifying user satisfaction but also contributing to higher adoption rates, boosting your perceived value, and increasing brand loyalty. 

For end-users, a user-friendly and intuitive interface means improved productivity, smooth collaboration, and seamless integration without steep learning curves.

At Beefree SDK, we prioritize the seamless integration of features that simplify user interactions and remove any resistance or friction. 

Increased productivity with Synced Rows 

Synced Rows was an expansion of our Saved Rows capabilities. While Saved Rows allowed users to create, save, and re-use content blocks in all their designs, friction occurred when users had to manually edit each occurrence of the row in all of their designs. 

To enhance end-user collaboration efforts, minimize errors, and increase productivity - Synced Rows synchronizes any edits made to a single “Synced Row” across all designs. 

Better organization & collaboration with our standalone File Manager

Our Beefree SDK File Manager brings a new level of organization to digital assets. Now, SaaS brands can provide users with a centralized hub for managing files within the application.

This File Manager not only simplifies asset management but also eliminates the inconvenience and productivity hindrance associated with searching through multiple folders to locate essential assets.

Increase retention and acquisition with templates 

As we’ve mentioned many times today, user needs are expanding. As we approach 2024, you may find yourself considering numerous options to boost revenue, address user requirements, and attract audiences—all while navigating the constraints of limited resources.

Our Template Catalog API enables SaaS applications to offer a tailored catalog featuring 1,600+ email and landing page templates for various industries, occasions, and seasons. By seamlessly integrating our API, you can enhance the experience for your existing users by making designing within your application easier. This is especially helpful for users with limited resources and small teams. 

In turn, you can leverage the API to further improve user engagement and retention while harnessing the templates' versatility to reach new audiences. For current Beefree SDK customers, a notable advantage of the Template Catalog API is that we handle the routine maintenance, upkeep, and continual expansion of the template catalog. 

To see the API in action, watch our latest webinar: How Email Templates Can Drive Business Expansion.

Alongside our Template Catalog API, we introduced the Multi-Language Templates (MLT) feature to simplify the process for end-users aiming to reach a global audience. MLT offers a translation infrastructure, enabling users to craft designs in a default language and subsequently select up to three translations for the same design.

The translations are enabled through our Beefree SDK OpenAI AddOn, which we’ll discuss below. 

2. Increased flexibility with customization options  

Developing enhanced experiences with more customization options does not mean creating overly complicated solutions that are difficult to understand by your customers. Instead, it means providing the necessary tools to empower your users to tailor your application to their specific needs, fostering a personalized and efficient workflow.

Increased flexibility not only accommodates diverse user preferences but can also help position your application as a versatile solution capable of meeting the evolving demands of various industries and business models. 

In 2023 we focused on the expansion of the customizability of our SDK components to help our clients offer greater value to their users. 

Tailored experiences built with Custom AddOns

Each SaaS application has distinctive requirements to cater to its specific audience needs. Custom AddOns allow developers to integrate additional features to their web applications to enrich their offerings and enhance the competitive standing of their applications. 

Additionally, Beefree SDK offers a selection of pre-existing third-party Partner AddOns, that can be effortlessly enabled and integrated into your application. 

Maximizing competitive advantage with our OpenAI AddOn: 

Currently, 35% of SaaS businesses are leveraging AI, and an additional 42% have strategic plans to incorporate it in the near future. Recognizing the increasing significance of AI in the industry, we proactively implemented our OpenAI AddOn, powered by Chat GPT- 3.5. 

By enabling the OpenAI AddOn, you can harness the power of AI to secure your competitive advantage and easily adapt to changing technological advancements. For your users, our AI Writing Assistant grants them the capacity to quickly create engaging, on-brand, and high-quality content, furthering the value of your application

To see how our OpenAI AddOn works, watch our webinar: Introducing Beefree SDK OpenAI AddOn: Live Demo 

3. Guaranteed peace of mind with advancements for accessibility

Accessibility goes beyond ensuring you’re on par with regulations and legalities. The rise of SaaS means that inclusivity is essential to ensure that a wide range of users with diverse abilities and needs can fully and effectively engage with your application. 

According to Future of SaaS, organizations that ensure the accessibility and inclusivity of their applications are 35% more likely to “capture new markets, exhibit higher profits, and outperform competitors.” This statistic underscores the importance of tailoring your application to a wide range of users, as it not only aligns with ethical considerations but also significantly expands the potential user base and fosters a more diverse and equitable user experience.  

Throughout 2023, we have continued to improve upon the accessibility of our white label solution. We have followed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which outline the four principles to consider when ensuring accessibility: perceivability, operability, understandability, and robust. 

Here are some of the accessibility improvements we made to our white-label solutions in 2023:

  • Stage navigation with keyboard: Users can now use their keyboard to navigate the stage while designing.
  • Screen Readers: We ensured our UI can be easily understood by screen readers. 
  • Text Editing: Users can now edit and format the text in their designs using only their keyboards.

Our promise to you: Continuous reliability and performance

One of our most significant changes in 2023 was the evolution of Beefree SDK from what some of you may know as “BEE Plugin.” Our story commenced in 2014 with a simple yet ambitious goal to revolutionize email creation with the creation of our “Best Email Editor’ or “BEE.” Although this name served us admirably for a robust nine years, we recognized that it was time for a change.

The evolution to Beefree SDK reflects our growth into a comprehensive content creation toolkit tailored for SaaS brands of diverse sizes and needs. This transition was a natural progression, aligning with our platform's expanded scope and capabilities.

While our appearance has evolved, our core values of reliability and our commitment to delivering innovative, intuitive, and exceptional experiences to all our customers and their users remain unwavering.

Our 2024 mission: Help SaaS innovate, differentiate, and thrive 

As part of our commitment to helping SaaS brands stand out in the dynamic SaaS environment, in 2024, we will continue to enhance the technological capabilities, features, and customization options of our white-label, embeddable solution. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s ahead: 

  • Unleashing the power of AI: We’re expanding upon AI and accessibility efforts by empowering users to instantly generate alternate text for images using AI. In addition, we will offer a “Token Upsell Path” for host applications to allow users to manage their own AI Writing Assistant usage and purchase additional tokens or credits as needed.  
  • Increased Productivity and Design Delight: With the release of our Brand Asset Management, an endpoint of our CSAPI offering, end-users can make bulk edits to templates, saving time, ensuring consistency, and allowing flexibility to scale.

Seize the opportunity to scale and differentiate your SaaS business with Beefree SDK, and deliver an unparalleled user experience to your customers.

Book a demo with us today to explore how our innovative tools and features can transform your content creation strategy, providing the edge you need to excel in the competitive SaaS landscape.

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Emily Santos
Emily Santos
December 28, 2023
5 min read