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Is a White-Label Email Editor and Landing Page Builder Right For You?

Emily Santos
Emily Santos
February 27, 2024
5 min read
Is a White-Label Email Editor and Landing Page Builder Right For You?
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Surviving in the SaaS industry means staying ahead of technological innovations and meeting your audience's ever-growing demands, especially with new SaaS applications launching daily. According to AscendiX, the SaaS industry will expand to “$232.3 billion by the end of 2024.” Although merely a prediction, this statistic highlights the escalating competition in the SaaS space as companies vie for new customer acquisitions.

The good news, amid the seemingly daunting competition, is that committing to adapting and shifting to your existing user's demands and acquiring new customers doesn't have to be a financial drain or time-consuming.

A practical solution arises: integrating a white-label email editor and landing page builder. The white-label email editor and landing page builder become catalysts for elevating your offerings, ensuring that both your business and your customers thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of SaaS. 

This move is more than just a cost-effective measure; it's a calculated step toward unlocking unparalleled potential for both product expansion and revenue generation.

What is a white-label email editor and landing page builder?

White-label solutions allow SaaS businesses to expand their product offerings, all while leveraging another company’s solutions. When using Beefree SDK’s white-label embeddable builders, SaaS can fully customize the builders to provide their end users with a consistent and cohesive experience.


Additionally, email and landing page builders empower SaaS applications to provide lucrative email marketing for their customers. Email builders enable end-users to create visually appealing and effective email campaigns with a simple drag-and-drop functionality, pre-designed templates, and customization options for text, images, and other elements.

Landing pages allow users to design and create landing pages, which are standalone web pages intended for a specific marketing or advertising campaign.

While end-users' benefits are undeniable, SaaS applications often opt out of offering these services due to how challenging and time-intensive they can be to develop.

That's why many businesses choose a ready-made white-label solution. With a white-label solution, they can consistently deliver top-notch, regularly updated, and maintained solutions without the need for extensive effort on their part.


Benefits of offering customers an email editor and landing page builder

Just like any valuable addition to your product lineup, incorporating an email editor and landing page builder is an investment for your business. Let's delve into the advantages your business can reap by introducing this sought-after feature to your catalog.

Empower them with a comprehensive product

Businesses, both large and small, are perpetually seeking ways to streamline their operations. With "54% of businesses wanting to optimize and find savings in their software spending", the integration of multifunctional software products has become a crucial.

By offering an email builder and landing page builder within your product, you present a more appealing, all-in-one solution to your customers. This not only saves them money but also simplifies their workflow, eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions and reducing inefficiencies.


Enhance customer success

Email marketing is a highly sought-after strategy for businesses of all sizes, with a significant percentage relying on it for customer acquisition and retention. Your email and landing page builder can act as a catalyst for your customers to enter the realm of email marketing or enhance the effectiveness of their existing strategies. Given the significant return on investment (ROI) of approximately $42 per dollar spent on email marketing, contributing to your customers' revenue can foster loyalty. Their success becomes intertwined with your product, creating a win-win situation.

Offer customers a cost-saving feature

Without an email editor and landing page builder, businesses often face expensive alternatives, such as hiring marketing agencies or building an in-house marketing team. By incorporating these features into your product, you provide tangible cost savings for your customers, making your offering more attractive.

Why use a white-label email editor and landing page builder?

Given the numerous benefits mentioned above, offering your customers an email editor and landing page builder is undoubtedly advantageous. However, the question arises: should you develop your own solution from scratch or opt for a white-label product already branded for your company? Let's explore the reasons why a white-label solution is a more time- and cost-efficient approach.

Economical feature addition

Creating your own email and landing page builder can be a financially daunting task. The development process often involves hiring specialized developers, leading to high costs and unpredictable timelines. In contrast, a white-label solution is typically more economical and offers predictability in terms of costs.


Ongoing support and maintenance

Building your own solution means ongoing expenses for maintaining and updating the software. With a white-label product, the responsibility for support and maintenance lies with the provider, freeing your business from these ongoing costs.


Managed security

In an era where information security is paramount, the burden of ensuring cybersecurity falls on the creator of a proprietary solution. Opting for a white-label product shifts this responsibility to the provider, ensuring that your customers' data is handled securely.

What role does a template library play in an email editor and landing page builder?

A template library is an integral part of any effective email editor and landing page builder. For businesses without the resources to design marketing emails and landing pages, a catalog of templates is a highly appealing feature. Let's delve into why a strong template library is essential for your email and landing page builder.

Ease of use

In busy office environments, time is a precious commodity. Pre-built templates reduce the time and effort required for staff training, enabling effective email marketing without extensive preparation.

Strategic designs

Email marketing is competitive, and effective strategies are crucial. A template library, especially one designed with best practices in mind, allows your customers to create eye-catching, high-converting emails without mastering these strategies themselves.

Higher value to customers

While an email editor and landing page builder add value to your SaaS product, an outstanding template library elevates that value. Your customers receive more for their investment, making your product more marketable and potentially justifying a higher price point.

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Could your business benefit from a white-label email and landing page builder?

Determining if an email and landing page builder is the right fit for your business depends on your customer base and the value it brings to them. Here are examples of products that may benefit from incorporating a white-label email and landing page builder:

Marketing Software

If your business already provides marketing software, adding an email and landing page builder enhances your customers' ability to expand their marketing efforts within a unified platform.

Web Development Tools

For businesses offering website management tools, integrating an email and landing page builder allows customers to seamlessly incorporate targeted landing pages into their websites.

Contact Management Software

If your software helps customers manage contacts and customers, integrating an email and landing page builder can streamline their marketing efforts, allowing them to manage mailing lists and track campaign success.

How to integrate a white-label email editor and landing page builder

Incorporating an email editor and landing page builder into your SaaS product offers a myriad of advantages, ranging from creating a more comprehensive solution for your customers to enhancing their success in email marketing. Recognizing the high demand for email marketing, the addition of these features can give your product a competitive edge, making it a more appealing choice for customers.

If you're ready to see how a white-label solution could be seamlessly integration into your SaaS application, book a demo and see for yourself how Beefree can support you.

Emily Santos
Emily Santos
February 27, 2024
5 min read